1. Manuscript Materials

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1999 - 2000 (Date created)
The manuscript component of the collection (artist files) contains a file for each artist pair with various materials, depending on each pair. This includes the original application for each pair. Applications consist of contact information for the pair; background information (where and from whom each learned the traditional art, what role it plays in their lives); goals and timeline for the proposed apprenticeship, budget; supporting materials (letters of support, collateral material for some pairs such as brochure and program books and newspaper and magazine clippings).  Contractual paperwork includes the signed contract by each master and apprentice; photographic release form. Also included in the administrative files is various correspondence between the pair and ACTA staff. This primarily consists of printed emails detailing changes in the timelines, logistics for the site visit, and information about closing the contract.  There are also field notes and site visit reports.,
Artist Files:
1. F-AP01-01Noriyoshi Arakaki, Master Artist, Okinawan Dance (Hayward, CA)
Yuka Arakaki, Apprentice (Hayward, CA)
2. F-AP01-02 Artist Craig Bates, Master Artist, Mechoopda Maidu Dance Regalia (Yosemite, CA) Rodney Clements, Apprentice (Tehama, CA)
3. F-AP01-03 Artist Gladys "Bobi" Cespedes, Master Artist, Cuban Orisha-Lucumi Music
Guillermo Cespedes, Apprentice
4. F-AP01-04 Chitresh Das, Master Artist, North Indian Kathak Dance (San Rafael, CA)
Anjali Jhangiani, Apprentice (Fremont, CA)
5. F-AP01-05 Leland Donahue, Master Artist, Karuk Dip Net Fishery (Eureka, CA)  
David "Levi" Tripp, Apprentice (Happy Camp, CA)
6. F-AP01-06 Danongan Kalanduyan, Master Artist, Maguindanao Kulintang Music (Daly City, CA) Titania Buchholdt, Apprentice (Richmond, CA)
7. F-AP01-07 Thomas Thanh Le, Master Artist, Vietnamese Cai Loung Music (Garden Grove, CA) Duc Nguyen, Apprentice (Ontario, CA)
8. F-AP01-08 Gladys McKinney, Master Artist, Western Mono Basketry (Dunlap, CA)
Ruby Vargas, Apprentice (Selma, CA)
9. F-AP01-09 Carmencristina Moreno, Master Artist, Mexican Ranchera Music (Fresno, CA)
Melinda Salcido, Apprentice (Fresno, CA)
10. F-AP01-10 Leanne Lienkham Mounvongkham, Master Artist, Northern Lao Weaving (Fresno, CA) Phen Thephavong, Apprentice (Fresno, CA)
11. F-AP01-11 Lillian Nakano, Master Artist, (Kineya Fukuju), Nagauta Shamisen
Glenn Horiuchi, Apprentice (Los Angeles, CA)
12. F-AP01-12 Artemio Posadas, Master Artist, Huastecan Music and Dance (San Jose, CA)
Nydia Ana Algazzali, Apprentice (Berkeley, CA)
13. F-AP01-13 Joe Potzernitz, Master Artist, California-style Saddle Maker (Fresno, CA) 
Chris Potzernitz, Apprentice (Fresno, CA)
14. F-AP01-14 Asha Ramesh, Master Artist, South Indian Carnatic Classical Vocal Music (San Jose, CA) Roopa Mahadevan, Apprentice (San Jose, CA)
15. F-AP01-15 Sophiline Cheam Shapiro, Master Artist, Classical Cambodian Dance (Long Beach, CA) Socheata Heng, Apprentice (LaVerne, CA)
16. F-AP01-16 Katsuko Teruya, Master Artist, Okinawan Kutuu (Los Angeles, CA)
Irene Nakasone, Apprentice (Fremont, CA)
17. F-AP01-17 Chamy Thor, Master Artist, Hmong Pa Dao Embroidery (Sacramento, CA)
My Chue Lor, Apprentice (Elverta, CA)
18. F-AP01-18 Ferenc Tobak, Master Artist, Hungarian Duda (Brisbane, CA)
Ferenc "Fero" Tobak, Jr., Apprentice (Brisbane, CA)
19. F-AP01-19 Chue Doua Xiong, Master Artist, Hmong Mayhkong (Fresno, CA)
Ghia Xiong, Apprentice (Fresno, CA)
20. F-AP01-20 Linda Yamane, Master Artist, Ohlone "Walaheen" Basketry (Seaside, CA)
Carol Bachmann, Apprentice (Tracy, CA) (note: deceased)
Creator and/or Contributor
Amy V. Kitchener (creator), Noriyoshi Arakaki (artist), Yuka Arakaki (artist), Gladys Cespedes (artist), Craig Bates (artist), Rodney Clements (artist), Guillermo Cespedes (artist), Chitresh Das (artist), Anjali Jhangiani (artist), Leland Donahue (artist), David Tripp (artist), Danongan Kalanduyan (artist), Titiana Buchholdt (artist), Thomas Thanh Le (artist), Duc Nguyen (artist), Gladys McKinney (artist), Ruby Vargas (artist), Carmencristina Moreno (artist), Melinda Salcido (artist), Leanne Lienkham Mounvongkham (artist), Phen Thephavong (artist), Lillian Nakano (artist), Glenn Horiuchi (artist), Artemio Posadas (artist), Nydia Ana Algazzali (artist), Joe Potzernitz (artist), Chris Potzernitz (artist), Asha Ramesh (artist), Roopa Mahadevan (artist), Sophiline Cheam Shapiro (artist), Socheata Heng (artist), Katsuko Teruya (artist), Irene Nakasone (artist), Chamy Thor (artist), My Chue Lor (artist), Ferenc Tobak (artist), Chue Doua Xiong (artist), Ghia Xiong (artist), Linda Yamane (artist), Carol Bachmann (artist)
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