1. Manuscript Materials

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2001 - 2002 (Date created)
The manuscript component of the collection (artist files) contains a file for each artist pair with various materials, depending on each pair. This includes the original application for each pair. Applications consist of contact information for the pair; background information (where and from whom each learned the traditional art, what role it plays in their lives); goals and timeline for the proposed apprenticeship, budget; supporting materials (letters of support, collateral material for some pairs such as brochure and program books and newspaper and magazine clippings).  Contractual paperwork includes the signed contract by each master and apprentice; photographic release form. Also included in the administrative files is various correspondence between the pair and ACTA staff. This primarily consists of printed emails detailing changes in the timelines, logistics for the site visit, and information about closing the contract.  There are also field notes and site visit reports.,
1. F-AP03-01 Allyson Allen, Master Artist African American Quilting (Sun City, CA)
Krysta Wright, Apprentice (San Jacinto, CA)
2. F-AP03-02 Preston Arrow-weed, Master Artist, Traditional Kumeyaay Tribal Songs (Bard, CA)
Mucaw Jefferson, Apprentice (Bard, CA)
3. F-AP03-03 Nandita Behera, Master Artist, East Indian Odissi Dance (Artesia, CA)
Sharanya Mukhopadhyay, Apprentice (Yorba Linda, CA)
4. F-AP03-04 Ho Chhim Chan, Master Artist, Pin Peat (Cambodian Classical Music) (Long Beach, CA)
Sokheartha Chhim, Apprentice (Van Nuys, CA)
5. F-AP03-05 Lois Conner, Master Artist, Yokuts Basketry (O’Neals, CA)
Dee Dominguez, Apprentice (Covina, CA)
6. F-AP03-06 Tagumpay deLeon, Master Artist, Filipino Rondalla Music (Burbank, CA)
Patrick Tanega, Apprentice (Montebello, CA)
7. F-AP03-07 Ofelia Esparza, Master Artist, Mexican American Altars (East Los Angeles, CA)
Elena Esparza, Apprentice (East Los Angeles, CA)
8. F-AP03-08 Wakana Hanayagi, Master Artist, Japanese Classical Dance (Marina Del Rey, CA)
Erika Wada, Apprentice (Marina Del Rey, CA)
9. F-AP03-09 Ramya Harishankar, Master Artist, South Indian Bharata Natyam Dance (Irvine, CA)
Trisha Banerjee, Apprentice (Riverside, CA)
10. F-AP03-10 Lalo Izquierdo, Master Artist, Afro-Peruvian Zapateo Dance (Alameda, CA)
Gabriela Shiroma, Apprentice (San Francisco, CA)
11. F-AP03-11 Kikusa Katada, Master Artist, Japanese Hayashi Percussion Ensemble (Redondo Beach, CA)
Yuko Ohara, Dean Okinaka, Yoshiyo Matsumoto, Apprentices
12. F-AP03-12 Sofi Khachmanyan, Master Artist, Armenian Marash Embroidery (Los Angeles, CA)
Elmira Adamian, Apprentice (North HIlls, CA)
13. F-AP03-13 Sun Wuk Kim, Master Artist, Korean Seal Carving (Huntington Beach, CA)
Tae Sun Hwang, Apprentice (Yorba Linda, CA)
14. F-AP03-14 Bill Madrigal, Master Artist, Cahuilla Bird Singing (Anza, CA)
Sean W. Bogner, Apprentice (Anza, CA)
15. F-AP03-15 Jesus Avila Rodriguez, Master Artist, Mexican Mariachi Violin (Porterville, CA)
Daisy Guzman, Apprentice (Porterville, CA)
16. F-AP03-16 Eva Salazar, Master Artist, Kumeyaay Basketry (Alpine, CA)
Nancy Cuero, Apprentice (Campo, CA)
17. F-AP03-17 Felipe Garcia Villamil, Master Artist, Afro-Cuban Bata Drumming (Los Angeles, CA)
Ajamu Smith & Nery Madrid, Apprentices
18. F-AP03-18 Mai Lee Vang Vue, Master Artist, Hmong Kwv Txhiaj (Traditional Sung Poetry) (Long Beach, CA)
Pachia Vue, Apprentice (Long Beach, CA) 
Creator and/or Contributor
Mary MacGregor Villareal (creator), Allyson Allen (artist), Krysta Wright (artist), Preston Arrow-weed (artist), Mucaw Jefferson (artist), Nandita Behera (artist), Sharanya Mukhopadhyay (artist), Ho Chhim Chan (artist), Sokheartha Chhim (artist), Lois Conner (artist), Dee Dominguez (artist), Tagumpay deLeon (artist), Patrick Tanega (artist), Ofelia Esparza (artist), Elena Esparza (artist), Wakana Hanayagi (artist), Erika Wada (artist), Ramya Harishankar (artist), Trisha Banerjee (artist), Lalo Izquierdo (artist), Gabriela Shiroma (artist), Kikusa Katada (artist), Yuko Ohara (artist), Sofi Khachmanyan (artist), Elmira Adamian (artist), Sun Wuk Kim (artist), Tae Sun Hwang (artist), Bill Madrigal (artist), Sean W. Bogner (artist), Jesus Avila Rodriguez (artist), Daisy Guzman (artist), Eva Salazar (artist), Nancy Cuero (artist), Felipe Garcia Villamil (artist), Ajamu Smith (artist), Nery Madrid (artist), Mai Lee Vang Vue (artist), Pachia Vue (artist), Yoshiyo Matsumoto (artist), Dean Okinaka (artist)
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