1. Manuscript Materials

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2002 - 2003 (Date created)
The manuscript component of the collection (artist files) contains a file for each artist pair with various materials, depending on each pair. This includes the original application for each pair. Applications consist of contact information for the pair; background information (where and from whom each learned the traditional art, what role it plays in their lives); goals and timeline for the proposed apprenticeship, budget; supporting materials (letters of support, collateral material for some pairs such as brochure and program books and newspaper and magazine clippings).  Contractual paperwork includes the signed contract by each master and apprentice; photographic release form. Also included in the administrative files is various correspondence between the pair and ACTA staff. This primarily consists of printed emails detailing changes in the timelines, logistics for the site visit, and information about closing the contract.  There are also field notes and site visit reports.,
1. F-AP04-01 Eugene E. Albitre, Master Artist, Traditional Western and Native American Arts (Bakersfield, CA)
Corina Castellon, Apprentice (Bakersfield, CA)
2. F-AP04-02 Ramaa Bharadvaj, Master Artist, Southern Indian Bharata Natyam Dance (Yorba Linda, CA)
Shivali Panchal, Apprentice (Los Angeles, CA)
3. F-AP04-03 Prince Diabaté, Master Artist, West African Kora (Beverly Hills, CA)
Habibou Sissoko, Apprentice (Culver City, CA)
4. F-AP04-04 Naomi Gedo Diouf, Master Artist, Liberian Dance from the Kru ethnic group (Castro Valley, CA)
Kine Marcella Diouf, Apprentice (Castro Valley, CA)
5. F-AP04-05 Teresita Dome Perez, Master Artist, Afro-Cuban Dance (Los Angeles, CA)
Beatriz Godinez-Muñiz, Apprentice (Sacramento, CA)
6. F-AP04-06 Mahshid Mirzadeh, Master Artist, Persian Santour (West Los Angeles, CA)
Samira Sahebi, Apprentice (Long Beach, CA)
7. F-AP04-07 Hideko Nakajima, Master Artist, Japanese Shamisen (Richmond, CA)
Melody Takata, Apprentice (San Francisco, CA)
8. F-AP04-08 Radha Prasad, Master Artist, Indian Classical & Folk Bamboo Flute (Redondo Beach, CA)
Priyank Desai, Apprentice (Fremont, CA)
9. F-AP04-09 Avis Punkin, Master Artist, North Fork Mono Coiled Basketry (North Fork, CA)
Carly Tex, Apprentice (Fresno, CA)
10. F-AP04-10 Honorio Robledo, Master Artist, Son Jarocho from Veracruz, Mexico (Los Angeles, CA)
Juan Francisco Parroquín, Apprentice (Los Angeles, CA)
11. F-AP04-11 Kathy Wallace, Master Artist, Karuk Traditional Basketry (Fairfield, CA)
Dixie Rogers, Apprentice (West Sacramento, CA)
12. F-AP04-12 Tsering Wangmo, Master Artist, Traditional Tibetan Folk Dance of Kongpo Region (San Francisco, CA)
Tsering Dicki “Chucki,” Apprentice (San Francisco, CA)
Creator and/or Contributor
Mary MacGregor Villareal (creator), Amy V. Kitchener (creator), Eugene E. Albitre (artist), Corina Castellon (artist), Ramaa Bharadvaj (artist), Shivali Panchal (artist), Prince Diabate (artist), Habibou Sissoko (artist), Naomi Gedo Diouf (artist), Kine Marcella Diouf (artist), Teresita Dome Perez (artist), Beatriz Godinez-Muñiz (artist), Mahshid Mirzadeh (artist), Samira Sahebi (artist), Hideko Nakajima (artist), Melody Takata (artist), Radha Prasad (artist), Priyank Desai (artist), Avis Punkin (artist), Carly Tex (artist), Honorio Robledo (artist), Juan Francisco Parroquín (artist), Kathy Wallace (artist), Dixie Rogers (artist), Tsering Wangmo (artist), Tsering Dicki (artist)
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