1. Manuscript Materials

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2007 (Date created)
The manuscript component of the collection (artist files) contains a file for each artist pair with various materials, depending on each pair. This includes the original application for each pair. Applications consist of contact information for the pair; background information (where and from whom each learned the traditional art, what role it plays in their lives); goals and timeline for the proposed apprenticeship, budget; supporting materials (letters of support, collateral material for some pairs such as brochure and program books and newspaper and magazine clippings).  Contractual paperwork includes the signed contract by each master and apprentice; photographic release form. Also included in the administrative files is various correspondence between the pair and ACTA staff. This primarily consists of printed emails detailing changes in the timelines, logistics for the site visit, and information about closing the contract.  There are also field notes and site visit reports.,
1. F-AP07-01 Katsuko Teruya Arakawa, Master Artist, Okinawan kutuu (plucked zither), Gardena, CA
Pamela Joy Afuso, apprenticeLos Angeles, CA
2. F-AP07-02 Charya Cheam Burt, Master Artist, Cambodian classical dance, Windsor, CA
Prumsodun Ok, apprentice, San Francisco, CA
3. F-AP07-03 Chitresh Das, master artist, North Indian classical Kathak dance, San Rafael, CA
Farah Yasmeen Shaikh, apprentice, Menlo Park, CA
4. F-AP07-04 Djivan Gasparyan, master artist, Armenian duduk (double reed woodwind instrument), Sherman Oaks, CA
Jivan Gasparyan Jr., apprentice,  Sherman Oaks, CA
5. F-AP07-05 Sabrina Hou, master artist, Kunqu opera, the oldest form of Chinese folk opera, Pacifica, CA
Janice Ng, apprentice, Piedmont, CA
6. F-AP07-06 Danongan Kalanduyan, master artist, Pilipino kulintang music, South San Francisco, CA
Conrad Benedicto, apprentice, San Francisco, CA
7. F-AP07-07 Fujima Kansuma, master artist, Nihon Buyo, Los Angeles, CA
Melody Takataapprentice, San Francisco, CA
8. F-AP07-08 Bonghwa Kim, master artist, traditional Korean pojagi (patchwork) and embroidery, Los Angeles, CA
Yejin Chaapprentice, Glendale, CA
9.  F-AP07-09 Sahab Motallebi, master artist, Persian tar (a six-stringed plucked instrument), Los Angeles, CA
Mehrdad Jahangiri, apprentice, Los Angeles, CA
10.  F-AP07-10 Leanne Mounvongkham, master artist, Northern Laotian weaving, Fresno, CA
Kami Thephavong, apprenticeFresno, CA
11.  F-AP07-11 Juan Morales, master artist, arpa mariachera (mariachi style harp, Wasco, CA
Erasmo Villareal, Earlimart, CA
12.  F-AP07-12 G.S. Sachdev, master artist, North Indian classical bansuri (bamboo flute), San Rafael, CA
Sheela Bringi, apprentice, Oakland, CA
13.  F-AP07-13 Alseny Soumah, master artist, Guinean dance, Oakland, CA
Joti Singh, apprentice, San Francisco, CA
14. F-AP07-14 Anuradha Sridhar, master artist, South Indian classical Carnatic violin, Saratoga, CA
Sruti Sarathy, apprentice, Palo Alto, CA
15. F-AP07-15 Pao Xiong, master artist, traditional Hmong bamboo flute, Fresno, CA
Cher Ker Thao, apprentice, Fresno, CA
16.  F-AP07-16 Ling Mei Zhang, master artist, Chinese Wushu, sword dance, San Francisco, CA
Ruth Yafonne Chen, apprentice, San Francisco, CA
Creator and/or Contributor
Mari Pongkhamsing (creator), Sherwood Chen (creator), Amy V. Kitchener (creator), Katsuko Teruya Arakawa (artist), Pamela Joy Afuso (artist), Charya Burt (artist), Prumsodun Ok (artist), Chitresh Das (artist), Farah Yasmeen Shaikh (artist), Djivan Gasparyan (artist), Jivan Gasparyan (artist), Sabrina Hou (artist), Janice Ng (artist), Danongan Kalanduyan (artist), Conrad Benedicto (artist), Fujima Kansuma (artist), Melody Takata (artist), Bonghwa Kim (artist), Yejin Cha (artist), Sahab Motallebi (artist), Mehrdad Jahangiri (artist), Leanne Lienkham Mounvongkham (artist), Kami Thepavong (artist), Juan Morales (artist), Erasmo Villareal (artist), Gurubachan Singh Sachdev (artist), Sheela Bringi (artist), Alseny Soumah (artist), Joti Singh (artist), Anuradha Sridhar (artist), Sruti Sarathy (artist), Pao Xiong (artist), Cher Ker Thao (artist), Ling Mei Zhang (artist), Ruth Yafonne Chen (artist)
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