1. Manuscript Materials

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2010 (Date created)
The manuscript component of the collection (artist files) contains a file for each artist pair with various materials, depending on each pair. This includes the original application for each pair. Applications consist of contact information for the pair; background information (where and from whom each learned the traditional art, what role it plays in their lives); goals and timeline for the proposed apprenticeship, budget; supporting materials (letters of support, collateral material for some pairs such as brochure and program books and newspaper and magazine clippings).  Contractual paperwork includes the signed contract by each master and apprentice; photographic release form. Also included in the administrative files is various correspondence between the pair and ACTA staff. This primarily consists of printed emails detailing changes in the timelines, logistics for the site visit, and information about closing the contract.  There are also field notes and site visit reports.,
1. F-AP10-01 Jorge Alabê Bezerra, master artist, Candomblé song and dance, Oakland, CA
Anìbal Mejia, apprentice, San Francisco, CA
2. F-AP10-02 Mani Bolouri, master artist, Persian and Armenian folk gheychak (a bowed, fretless instrument with four metal strings), Los Angeles, CA
Partow Bayat, apprentice, Tarzana, CA
3. F-AP10-03 Carlos de Oliveira aka Carlinhos Pandeiro do Ouro, master artist, Brazilianpandeiro (small framed drum), Los Angeles, CA
Simon Carroll, apprentice, Los Angeles, CA
4. F-AP10-04 Pierre Sandor Diabankouezi, master artist, Congoloese Mikwe tableau painting, Berkeley, CA
Muisi-Kongo Malonga, apprentice, Oakland, CA
5. F-AP10-05 Al Gould, master artist, California-style saddlemaking and leather artistry, Clovis, CA
Shon Walker, apprentice, Sanger, CA
6. F-AP10-06 Ravi Gutala, master artist, Hindustani table, San Jose, CA
Saurabh Davala, apprentice, Cupertino, CA
7. F-AP10-07 Ramya Harishankar, master artist, South Indian classical bharata natyam dance, Irvine, CA
Sumona Vohra, apprentice, San Jose, CA
8. F-AP10-08 PJ Hirabayashi, master artist, Japanese taiko drumming and kumidaiko ensemble drumming, San Jose, CA
Franco Imperial, apprentice, San Jose, CA
9. F-AP10-09 Michelle Martin, master artist, Yoruba Lucumí beading, Oakland, CA
Mudzima Brown, apprentice, Oakland, CA
10. F-AP10-10 Gary McClintock, master artist, California-style Saddlemaking, Descanso, CA
Ronald Titus, apprentice, Campo, CA
11. F-AP10-11 Gladys McKinney, master artist, Native Californian Mono sumai basketry, Dunlap, CA 
Florence L. Dick, apprentice, Dunlap, CA
12. F-AP10-12 Gankyo Nakamura, master artist, Japanese Kabuki dance, Los Angeles, CA
Lea Sachiko Yamaguchi, apprentice, Los Angeles
13. F-AP10-13 Sambath Pich, master artist, roneat ek (Khmer wooden/bamboo xylophone), Long Beach, CA
Samnang Pich, apprentice, Long Beach
14. F-AP10-14 Juan Carlos Blanco Riera, master artist,Afro-Cuban batá drumming, La Jolla, CA
Menelike Turner, apprentice, San Diego, CA
15. F-AP10-15 Shubhangi Sakhalkar, master artist, North Indian classical Hindustani vocals, San Jose, CA
Seema Gupta, apprentice, Cupertino, CA
16. F-AP10-16 Lakshmi Shankar, master artist, North Indian classical Hindustani vocals, Simi Valley, CA
Ashwin Rode, apprentice, Goleta, CA
17. F-AP10-17 Ang Tsherin Sherpa, master artist, Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist thangka paintings, Oakland, CA
Paul Ferguson, apprentice, Oakland, CA
18. F-AP10-18 Rumen Sali Shopov, master artist, Balkan Romani instrumental music, improvisation and band leading, Berkeley, CA
Benji Bloom Rifati, apprentice, Graton, CA
19. F-AP10-19 Gaylerd Thissell, master artist, Western saddlemaking, Cottonwood, CA  
Lance Zazueta, apprentice, Red Bluff, CA
20. F-AP10-20 Jayashree Varadarajan, master artist, South Indian classical Carnatic vocal music, Sunnyvale, CA
Sruthi Ramaswami, apprentice, Sunnyvale, CA
21. F-AP10-21 Linda Yamane, master artist, Native Californian Ohlone feathered basketry, Seaside, CA
Carol Bachmann, apprentice, Stockton, CA
22.  F-AP10-22 Xiaofeng Yang, master artist, classical Chinese erhu, (a two-stringed bowed instrument),   Forestville, CA
Eric T. Jung, apprentice, Oakland, CA 
Creator and/or Contributor
Sherwood Chen (creator), Amy V. Kitchener (creator), Jorge Alabe Bezerra (artist), Anibal Mejia (artist), Mani Bolouri (artist), Partow Bayat (artist), Carlos de Oliveira (artist), Simon Carroll (artist), Pierre Sandor Diabankouezi (artist), Muisi-Kongo Malonga (artist), Al Gould (artist), Shon Walker (artist), Ravi Gutala (artist), Saurabh Davala (artist), Ramya Harishankar (artist), Sumona Vohra (artist), PJ Hirabayashi (artist), Franco Imperial (artist), Michelle Martin (artist), Mudzima Brown (artist), Gary McClintock (artist), Ronald Titus (artist), Gladys McKinney (artist), Florence L. Dick (artist), Gankyo Nakamura (artist), Lea Sachiko Yamaguchi (artist), Sambath Pich (artist), Samnang Pich (artist), Juan Carlos Blanco Riera (artist), Menelike Turner (artist), Shubhangi Sakhalkar (artist), Seema Gupta (artist), Lakshmi Shankar (artist), Ashwin Rode (artist), Ang Tsherin Sherpa (artist), Paul Ferguson (artist), Rumen Sali Shapov (artist), Benji Bloom Rifati (artist), Gaylerd Thissel (artist), Lance Zazueta (artist), Jahayshree Varadarajan (artist), Sruthi Ramaswami (artist), Linda Yamane (artist), Carol Bachmann (artist), Xiaofeng Yang (artist), Eric T. Jung (artist)
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